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: ) Wonderful new Gargoyles theme cover by the Youtube star Erock!…

As per request, all members can submit art directly to folders now, just be sure to submit to the right folder! :)

Also, if you haven't done so already, don't forget to buy your copy of Season 2 Volume 3 from the Disney Store…
Gargoyles Season 2 volume 2 was released a few months ago.  It came to my attention some people weren't aware of it yet!

Be sure to get it!…
Or here…

Be aware there is a lot of discussion with how "cheap"' the dvd box and menues are.  But at least you'll get the content!
Greetings to all!

GargoylesClub will now be enforcing new rules when it comes to submissions of artwork.


We will no longer be accepting:
- Digital manipulations of official Disney artwork (this includes screenshots from the TV show)
- Visibly retraced or copied Disney artwork.

The reason for this is that it is actually considered art-theft.  

ACCEPTABLE: I strongly encourage all artists to use Disney's official atwork as models to their own creations.  It's perfectly alright to have an image printed in front of you when you attempt drawing your own work to help with difficult physical features (like hands or facial proportions) or difficult parts of a posture (like crossed arms) or even exactitude (Thailog's fancy haircut).  You may submit artwork here where Disney art or ANY copyrighted art was used as models to HELP you with your OWN original work.

NOT-ACCEPTABLE: Keep in mind, though, that copying, retracing and photomanipulations... are all part of learning and there comes a time when young artists must go through this process to learn anatomy and movement.  But in these cases, the result is not your original work and should not be submitted here.

EXCEPTIONS:  Demotivator memes, desktop icons, emoticons, DA avatars, animated gifs, badges and stamps are all obviously fine even with original atwork ;)

Yes, it's difficult to draw the line between a "model" and a "copy".   If this is a blurry line to you, just ask other artists or moderators :)   You may also read DA's policy on copyrights :…


The club is also considering cutting down on artwork that is fetching a little too far in the Gargoyles universe.  Examples would be:

- Mythical creatures not seen in the show  (aka, a random dragon or unicorn in a field).  It's very likely they exist in the gargoyles universe, but since they were not presented in the show it falls more under "fantasy art".  If you draw the stone dragon that contained Excalibur in the show or Fox as a werewolf, that's fine; but a random mythical creature is not.
- Human characters not seen in the show (aka a fanfic version of a random cousin of Elisa). Elisa's parents or brother is fine.
- Random children of Oberon/Titania or of any of their own children. Again, presented without any official canon characters of the show, they hold no ground to remind anyone of gargyoles universe.   This goes for new Olympians as well.  Drawing one that was SEEN in the show is OK.  But inventing random ones crosses a line where people will not know the art is about Gargoyles universe.

ACCEPTABLE: Keep in mind any of the above are perfectly acceptable if interacting with Gargoyles canon characters or gargoyle-species characters.  Examples like : Elisa hanging-out with her fanfic human-cousin is fine.  A gargoyle riding a unicorn is fine.  A human girl dating Brooklyn is fine.  

If you're not sure if your drawing belongs here: Remember the idea of this club is to cherish and remind each-other of the awesome show that was Gargoyles.  If you feel that one of your submissions WITH A BLANK DESCRIPTION would IN NO WAY remind other users of the show Gargoyles...  chances are it's not really what others would like to see.


With all due respect, please discuss the following in the comment section =)
Greetings all garg-fans.

I've been very busy in the latest months/years with university, and I'm always pleased to come back here to see how much this club flourished with submissions and members ever since it was converted into a DA club.  I especially want to thank my two moderators for doing a great job in my absences.

Today I passed by and updated all the gallery folders; since some had been a little behind (like the fanfic one), so as of today they should be up to date.  :)


The real big news is that I was looking at my livejournal and stumbled upon a little post there, lost in time amongst months of silence... it was one of those nostalia posts about how they missed the gargoyles fandom... and  they felt it was dead.

Well, looking around here I don't see anything near 'dead' :)  There's an absolutely amazing amount of gargoyles fans still out there and artistically active in one way or another.

THAT SAID.  Please don't be shy to send me a 'Note' through DA if you KNOW of other active Gargoyles websites you would love for me to highlight, or if you would like to ask questions or throw in ideas for this club.   

For example, I've been (and still am) part of an active RP community that has been around since 2004.  And I'm sure there are others out there.


A big thanks to you all for making this club one of my very favorites in all my DA watches =)


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